Can You See Quality?
Not Always.
Below is a photo of one of my Omni-directional 2 meter antennas which I was moving to a
new, higher mounting location.  When I took it down and looked at it, I thought it might be a
good idea to put up a new one, as this one had been up over fifteen years and looked a
little the worse for wear.  It's one of my original models and has endured a lot of weather.  It
was first installed where I developed it in the high desert of Southern California.
Temperatures there ranged from 15 Deg. to 120 Deg. F. with very high UV exposure and
bouts of 100-MPH winds.  I brought the antenna with me when I moved to the Portland,
Oregon area, where it has resided in our wet, humid environment for about ten years.  After
running SWR traces on the J and my horizontal loop, which has been up almost as long, I
found they met their original design specifications.  I'm mounting them both in the new
location.  It will be interesting to see how long they hold their specs.  Leo Seitlinger, N6JJQ
Quality:  Adherence to Specifications